What We Do

Our Objectives

SUPPORT the programs that will increase the effectiveness of the Haitian healthcare system in Limonade

PARTNER with the public healthcare system such as the State Clinics in delivering services

ASSIST the people whom we serve to access the local health resources

EXPAND existing healthcare services to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS

LINK healthcare services to the alleviation of poverty by providing essential services such as nutrition, housing, potable water, sanitation, education and employment

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Access to Basic Healthcare

Ajan Sante: Four community health workers (Ajan Sante) are associated with the local State Clinic, and they move through the villages in the countryside daily to educate hundreds of villagers about how to purify water and attend to the care and prevention of common diseases.

Rural Clinics: These Clinics extend the outreach into rural areas where medical attention is inaccessible. Clinics are headed by local medical professionals and supported by US-based professionals (when available) at the direction of the local medical director. Patients are identified by our Ajan Sante and provided a means of identification to be “admitted” to the clinic for physicals, vaccinations and medical prescriptions. Rural Clinics are implemented one to two times each year as funding allows.

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