Our Partners


Children’s Place International (CPI)
CPI is the international arm of The Children’s Place Association, a not-for-profit organization located in Chicago, Illinois that provides care and services to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The mission of CPI is to improove the present and secure the future for children and families affected by HIV/AIDS in resouce poor settings outside the USA. The goal is to help vulnerable children break the cycle of illness and poverty so they can grow to be healthy productive adults.

Konbit’s partnership with CPI assists in developing systems of support to help families meet the physical, cognitive and emotional development needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS. At the core of the Konbit/CPI programs are the Child and Family Support Workers (CFSW) They serve as the primary support and contact for the children and their care givers in the program. Care plans are developed for each family with the following three goals for each child. The goals are:

Healthcare/Nutrition: Each child receives regular medical care to address HIV/AIDS status and each child’s nutritional needs are met.
Education: Each school age child is enrolled in school and attending school regularly.
Emotional Health: Care givers address the child’s emotional needs of nurturance, love, guidance, predictability and safety by visiting the family regularly.
Currently there are 23 families enrolled in the program including 84 children.

Centre de Sante de Limonade – the State Clinic
The State Clinic is the community health center established in association with the Haitian National Health Services. The clinic works under the auspices of the Haitian government but there is very little funding from the government. The staff includes one physician, three nurses, a counselor and four community health care workers. They see approximately 500 patients per month.

Konbit provides funding for the four community health care workers. The community health care workers role is to improve community health through education, prevention efforts, referrals to other healthcare providers as well as immunizing children and adults by going out to the people in the community. In addition to visiting homes, the community health care workers conduct community meetings where they speak about family planning, the prevention of cholera, sexually transmitted disease and the spread of TB as well as providing general health education.

Friends of Haiti
The Friends of Haiti Ministry of St. Bartholomew Catholic Parish, located in Columbus, Indiana has a 25 year relationship with people in the Limonade area through a parish twinning program with St. Anne Parish in Limonade. Friends of Haiti supports two nutrition centers, adult literacy classes, safe water initiatives, and home toilet systems. There are over 300 children sponsored for education in preschool through university.

The Columbus Sunrise Rotary Club

The Columbus Sunrise Rotary Club is an energetic club that enjoys being involved in projects and activities that benefit the community and individuals who are less fortunate than themselves. The club takes advantage of leadership skills, expertise, and diverse perspectives of its members to develop service projects that help make the city of Columbus, Indiana a great place to live and the world a better place for all.