Celebrating our 10th Anniversary

This year Konbit Lasante pou Limonad has been celebrating our ten year anniversary, and I can’t let it pass without reflecting on what makes Konbit such a strong and enduring organization. We have accomplished this by building on four essential pillars.

The first pillar is the vision on which Konbit was created.  Ten years ago, a small group of compassionate people developed a vision to create a nonprofit organization in order to help the impoverished in Limonad, Haiti improve their health.

The second pillar is comprised of our tremendous partners.

  • Children’s Place International has worked with Konbit in Limonade since 2008 where 24 HIV-affected families (including 81 children and 30 adults) are provided assistance to medical treatments, education for the children, emergency food, and other social services.
  • Sunrise Rotary Club of Columbus, Indiana provided the construction of permanent latrines and showers for seven of our families who previously did not have such provisions.
  • The State Clinic in Limonade is the home base for the four community health workers (ajan santé) whose salaries we annually provide

The third pillar is an amazing staff of well-trained local Haitians.  These people are tirelessly devoted to continuing the work they do on behalf of Konbit.

The fourth pillar is the committed donor group which has faithfully, throughout these 10 years, contributed to the mission of our work and who believe in the model we use in Limonade.  That is, find and train the best local talent in the region; support these Haitian professionals to find ways to improve the health of the poor so that the day may come when they can provide for themselves and their families.

Konbit continues to look for ways to ensure that its work continues in Limonade.  This fall, two Konbit donors directed funds to create an afterschool program called New Ventures.  This 3-year program is designed to give each student a sense of self, and aims to develop middle school and high school students into community leaders — some we hope will carry on the work of Konbit and its partners.

I trust you will agree with me that Konbit is firmly rooted in the strong and enduring commitment of our vision, our partners, our staff and our donors who have contributed over $300,000 over the past 10 years.  We thank you for making this organization outstanding!

Tina Vujovich, Konbit Chair

P.S. Contributions can now be made through PayPal at:

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