Our Ajan Santé Share Their Stories

The ajan santé we support in Limonad see hundreds of people each month, and endeavor to educate these people on ways to improve their health.  We have asked the ajan santé to share with us some of their stories which illuminate the need for their work to continue.

Jean tells the story of a family who wanted to receive a case of aqua tabs, so instead of talking to Jean about it, they took several packets from a neighbor.  However, the neighbor did not explain how to use the tablets.  They misunderstood the dosage and each took one tablet with a glass of water, soon had extreme stomach pains, were taken to the hospital and saved with stomach pumps.  As a community health worker, Jean provides the education to ensure everyone receives complete directions in any medications.

Myrielle tells the story of Likne, 5 years old, whom she met during a vaccination campaign at his home.  When it was his turn to be vaccinated and he saw equipment he ran away and hid.  There was no way his mother could convince him to come out.  Whenever Myrielle visits classes in school she explains the program and shows them the importance of vaccinations.  She tells them it will give each of them a little prick just like the bite of a little ant.  Myrielle met Likne at school and soon it was his turn.  He was quite calm and said she could inject him if necessary.  She explained that the vaccination was very important to keep him healthy.  Then he allowed her to vaccinate him and was very brave.

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