A CPI Success Story

A CPI Success Story

*To protect requested privacy, the client name provided is a pseudonym.*


In 2008, Annie and her family were referred to the Children’s Place International (CPI) program in Limonad, Haiti by their local health clinic as in need of wrap-around support services. Her father was HIV-positive and unfortunately died of AIDS later that same year. Annie’s mom then relied on CPI’s portfolio of services to keep their family intact, including access to medical care, monthly food support, clean water, housing support, and school support for Annie and her three younger siblings. With critical support from Konbit Lasante pou Limonad, CPI’s community-based project team was thankfully able to come alongside Annie’s family and see them through impossible times.

Annie worked hard in school and made it through secondary level – a rare achievement in Haiti due to a plethora of obstacles. Following graduation, and after passing ominous official exams, Annie boldly decided to apply to medical school. She was accepted!! With help from CPI and donors, Annie is now in her second year and recently completed her “blouse pinning ceremony.” In a place like Haiti where even making it through primary school can seem impossible, Annie, a girl from a very rural farming area making it medical school is a true miracle.

Children in Haiti dream of being doctors. They know the value of good health and they want to help others. Annie is fulfilling the ultimate dream of so many. Not only will she be in an incredible position to serve her community, but she will also be able to help care for her own family. Annie is a beacon of light, an inspiration, and she demonstrates the value of support to families in Limonad.

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