A Special Konbit Project: Mobile Clinics & Resources for Our Ajan Sante

A Special Konbit Project: Mobile Clinics & Resources for Our Ajan Sante

We recently had the joy and privilege of having a long-awaited zoom meeting with the Haitain Konbit team. We met with the goal of discussing program progress and ongoing concerns. At this meeting, we asked the Haiti team how to address their most pressing need. They all agreed on a mobile clinic event to reach those who have no healthcare access, either because they have no resources to travel to the State Clinic, and/or cannot afford to pay for care and medicines once they are there. They indicated that a budget of $3000.00 will fund the medicines needed for mobile clinics at 4 remote village sites over 2 days, seeing 100-125 patients at each site.

Beyond that, we also seek funds for more “ti resous” that the Ajan Sante provide as needed during their home visits. $1000.00 covers the cost of these critical supplies for about 6 months.

Please help us make these mobile clinics & continued resources for the Ajan Sante a reality! We, and the team in Haiti, truly appreciate any and all support that our donors can provide at this time. We can’t make this happen without you!

To learn more about what’s discussed in this post and how you can donate, click on the letter that’s linked below! Thank you in advance for your help in continuing our mission to elevate the level of primary health care in Haiti for hundreds of families each year.

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Click here for Konbit’s Mobile Clinic Letter!

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