An important update from Konbit LaSante pou Limonad

An important update from Konbit LaSante pou Limonad

A message today from our Konbit board:

Haiti is receiving more news press than usual lately, and some of you have rightly asked how Konbit LaSante pou Limonad is doing.

Over the past week, the capital of Port au Prince has experienced violent protests, increased gang violence, and a State of Emergency which has been declared country wide.   Things for now are quiet in Northern Haiti, where our organization’s team lives and works.  There have been isolated protests and a disruption of some services, but overall, it remains relatively calm.  However, there is an intensified concern for what lies ahead in the days and weeks to come in the midst of these escalated events in the capital.

Konbit’s Haiti Team Leader, Dr. Myrthil, reports that our Ajan Sante staff and their families are safe.

Rest assured that while they remain vigilant in taking every precaution for safety, their work in the local communities carries on.  Now more than ever, the demand for health services and education in villages ‘where there are no doctors’ is critically vital to the most vulnerable people in Haiti.  Resources are strained, but the resolve to continue Konbit’s work is stronger than ever.

Please keep the Konbit team, and all of Haiti, in your thoughts and prayers as they navigate these challenging times.   We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

On behalf of our board and the In Country team, we thank you for your steadfast support in our mission.

Mesi Anpil,

Shannon Horak
Board Chair
Konbit LaSante pou Limonad


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