Mobile Rural Clinics Accomplished With Your Help!

Mobile Rural Clinics Accomplished With Your Help!

Dear Konbit Supporters,

We are extremely happy to report that despite difficulties with transportation and getting the necessary medications, Dr. Myrthil and a team of 4 doctors, 2 nurses, and our 4 ajan sante completed 4 mobile clinics on November 25th and 26th. They spent Saturday in the villages of Dereal and Chabanon, and Sunday in Kanpech and Piste. On behalf of the more than 300 people (318 pre-registered and many more unregistered that just showed up) who were treated, thank you!

Attached is a message from Dr. Myrthil as well as a few photos from the clinics. Click here.

Please remember Konbit in your year end charitable giving, and thank you again! Dr. Myrthil and team would love to do many more clinics in 2024!


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