Our board is sharing our annual campaign letter with you. We ask you to consider Konbit in your charitable giving plans. The situation in Haiti makes our work there more critical than ever. With the Guidestar Gold Seal award, you can be certain that not a penny of your donation is ... Read More
November 18,


Making a QCD from your IRA reduces your taxable income and it counts towards satisfying your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Fun fact - even though the Required Minimum Distribution age has been changed to 72 you can still use funds from your IRA to make a QCD after you turn 70.5!
November 18,


Protests in northern Haiti are ongoing. Kidnapping remains a big concern by the airport in Cap-Haitian. The city of Cap has started cleaning some streets of the garbage-piled barricades, but the main entrance to the city is still blocked. There was an appeal to start school yesterday, but at least in the ... Read More
November 8,


As many know things have been very difficult in Haiti again this past month. The offices in Limonad and Cap have had to remain closed for safety and security. Roland and team were finally able to get out to clients in between protests last week and provide much needed food ... Read More
November 7,


From Jean: Today I am visiting Piste as part of cases of diphtheria in the area where a little person died. We are doing prevention for the rest of the people. Click on the message title to see the pictures that were included with the message.
October 27,


As many are aware, Haiti is in dire straits right now. With Fiona passing, rain is becoming heavier in the north along with wind. The political crisis and street protests are ongoing. The CPI team provided food to our client families about 10 days ago. Water is difficult to access ... Read More
September 22,


September 21,


*To protect requested privacy, the faces in the photo below have been blurred* ____________________________________________________________________________________ We were excited to recently receive another update from Children's Place International. The first set of attached photos in this post are before and after photos from a well project that was completed for a client family in ... Read More
September 20,


Despite the difficulties of fuel scarcity, our ajan sante (community health workers) continue to educate and vaccinate. There is a COVID-19 vaccination program being held this month in Limonade. Darlyng, one of our ajan sante, sent us the following message. "Greetings to all the families of the health community and thank ... Read More


*To protect requested privacy, the faces in the photo below have been blurred* _________________________________________________ In exciting news, Children's Place International was able to ship eight laptops to Roland for their technical school and university students in the North program through a shipping company, including to five students in Limonad! The CPI team ... Read More